The SHEPHERD has lived in a tied     
 cottage at Shelvingford for 53 years. 
 He was born at Grays Farm in the      
 1900's. For most of his life he worked
 with horses, becoming a shepherd in   
 the 1950's when the farms became fully
 mechanised. as a child there were no  
 metelled ROADS , and summer travel was
 in a cloud of white dust. No          
 electricity,gas telephone, piped water
 or main drainage "lighting was by     
 candle and oil lamp and there was not 
 a car in the area. FARMS employed many
 more people than today, usually about 
 16 men or boys, with 10-12 women for  
 the picking. There would be about 9   
 horses. Today two men plough 29 acres 
 in a couple of hours. His family came 
 from Ramsgate originally and the      
 menfolk were sailors. He has loaned   
 two fine ship models to the East Kent 
 Maritime Museum as a result of survey.

Map of the area

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