1986 St Leonards Crypt

   To the side of St Leonards Church is
 the thirteenth century Crypt. Inside  
 is a collection of skulls, thigh bones
 and human hair. There are about 8,000 
 thigh bones and 1,500 skulls, dated   
 between A.D 1200 and 1400. Some of the
 skulls have stab marks in them but in 
 most of them death was natural. Many  
 of the bones show signs of rheumatism 
 from the damp marshland. The skulls   
 are different from British ones and it
 is thought that they are descendants  
 of the Romans and they were probably  
 moved into the Crypt at a time when   
 space was needed in the burial ground,
 possibly during an outbreak of Plague.
 One of the skulls called the Daneman's
 skull is in the possession of the     
 Royal College of Surgeons.            
     You are not allowed to touch the  
 bones because they are so fragile.    

Map of the area

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