The William Harvey Hospital was opened 
in the spring of 1979 and is now just  
over 6 years old. The hospital was     
named after one of the greatest        
physicians in history. William Harvey, 
who was born in Folkestone 400 years   
ago,was the first person to discover   
the circulation of the blood and the   
action of the heart.The hospital was   
built because the old Willesborough    
Hospital was too small and was only old
warehouses.The William Harvey was going
to be the hospital of the future, with 
large maternity wards. The hospital is 
situated next to the motorway, so the  
ambulances do not have to go through   
the congestion of the town.When the    
hospital was first built there were    
plans to build phases 1,2,and 3 but as 
there wasn't enough money available    
only phase 1 was bulit.Phase 2 may be  
built in the  near future.             

Map of the area

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