Mote Park is large enough to enjoy a
 micro-climate of its own. Parts are   
 exposed enough for significant wind   
 chill, notably in winter easterlies:  
 the lowest temperature ever recorded  
 at the nearest weather station, at    
 East Malling (711569), was -17.8 C. in
 January of 1947 and 1972.             
   Central unwooded parts are also less
 humid and have greater temperature    
 extremes, perhaps higher than East    
 Malling's recorded maximum of 33.4 C. 
 in 1921, 1957 and 1961. Lack of urban 
 surfaces, the large lake surface, and 
 the valley situation make fogs denser 
 and more common than outside the park,
 especially on still winter mornings.  
   The area's annual rainfall is quite 
 low, at 660 millimetres, and is evenly
 distributed over the year, though the 
 frequency of summer thunderstorms is  
 above average for southern England.   

Map of the area

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