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 Our care_taker is a pigeon fancier.He 
 belongs to a local pigeon racing      
 club,and has 75 pigeons living in a   
 loft in his back garden, which houses 
 the birds and keeps them safe from    
 predators.There are nest boxes for    
 breeding pairs to raise their young.  
 When first hatched pigeons are known  
 as squeakers.At first they flap their 
 wings and bump into things.Then they  
 start to fly, at first circling the   
 loft. Each day the circle gets bigger.
 First they are taken out on a training
 flight to Galleywood Common. They find
 their way home. Soon they are taken to
 Chelmsford, then Baddow, then to      
 Peterborough. Nobody knows how they   
 find their way home,but they usually  
 do. Pigeons are stamped on their wings
 with owner's address. If they get lost
 they can be returned to their owner.  

Map of the area

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