1986 Market Gardening

   To the East of Joydens Wood Estate, 
 the land is covered with orchards,    
 fields & woodland and there are       
   St.Mary's Nursery 8.5 acres, grows  
 and sells mainly bedding plants but   
 shrubs, pot plants, small Xmas trees  
 lettuces, cucumbers & peppers are also
 grown. The nursery shop buys in fruit 
 and vegetables to attract more        
   Ashlea Nursery 6 acres. Used to grow
 tomatoes, now grows only              
 summer & autumn flowers which go to   
 Covent Garden. Also supplies offices, 
 hotels and restarants with indoor     
   Wallis Nursery 12 acres, grows      
 mostly flowers, Chrysanthemums the    
 most popular. Flowers delivered to    
 Covent Garden at least twice a week.  
        by J Griffiths.                

Map of the area

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