1986 Joydens Wood

   Acquired by the Forestry Commision  
 in 1956, Corsican Pine, Larch and     
 Western Hemlock predominate, with     
 broad leaved trees such as Oak, Beech 
 and Norway Maple.                     
   Sweet Chestnut, Birch ,Sycamore,    
 Alder and Swallow survive from the    
 days when the wood formed part of a   
 private estate and was coppiced.      
   The wood covers 280 acres and       
 provides walking, jogging and horse   
 riding for local people. Two nature   
 trails are also provided.             
   The Forestry Commission hope to     
 market the wood as timber, but fires  
 occur frequently and destroy large    
 ares of woodland.                     
   A dyke known as Faesten Dic cuts    
 across the wood. It is believed to    
 date back before 814 AD and to have   
 been a defensive boundary ditch.      
             by Ray Scott.             

Map of the area

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