1986 Bexley By-pass

   Bexley has suffered for sometime now
 from the growing problem of too much  
 traffic, in particular heavy lorries. 
   The proposed by-pass has never      
 materialised due to objections and    
 monetary problems. The by-pass would  
 go to the south of the village,taking 
 most heavy lorries and cars away, but 
 would cross Green Belt land.          
   We carried out a survey raising the 
 pros/cons of the by-pass.             
  (1) Do you want a by-pass ?          
  (2) What are the issues? Fumes, Noise
 , Safety, Smell, Vibration, or general
 damage to the countryside?            
 Overall people seemed more concerned  
 about Bexley Village than the Green   
 Belt. People along or near the problem
 roads were more for the by-pass than  
 those in the back streets. 1:10 were  
 against the by-pass.                  
           by M.Ballard (17).          

Map of the area

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