1986 Leisure time in Bexley

   By Lorraine Smith, Sarah Wheeler    
           & Rebecca Fowers.           
 Class          3F     3T     3G       
 Horse Riding   4      1      2        
 Gymnastics     4      2      3        
 Pottery        6      9      5        
 Football       13     8      8        
 Swimming       17     18     12       
 Golf           5      2      1        
 Snooker        8      5      6        
 Cinema         10     11     5        
 Other          19     20     18       
 Survey : Leisure interests in Bexley  
  I play Squash and Tennis, people in  
 my area play football, go swimming, go
 to the park, play Tennis and Volley   
 ball. Some just go dancing or Horse   
 Riding. Others look after pets in     
 their spare time such as cats, dogs   
 and hamsters. Most go to the fair and 
 go on the Roller Coaster and many     
 other rides. Some people play records.

Map of the area

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