1986 Fashion in Bexley

 It is a popular trend with teenagers  
 to dye their hair and to have their   
 hair in spikes or in a mohawkan style.
 Hairstyles for girls are short,       
 bobbled hair and boys have different  
 lengths at the back and a short       
 fringe. The fashionable shoes are     
 Jelly shoes, they come in various     
 colours with patterned holes. Some    
 people wear them to paddle in. The    
 fashion is now flower power suits and 
 leather skirts, many people wear these
 clothes in their spare time. We wear a
 uniform for school. Some people wear  
 the flower power suits because it     
 makes them feel 'cool'. They are for  
 all ages, some people like them       
 because they are very colourful.      
       by Adelle Holstan               
          Nicole Spring                
          Karen Warner                 

Map of the area

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