1986 Introduction

 Situated about 15 miles from Central  
 London, the area is made up of middle 
 & upper class housing, open parkland, 
 woodland & farmland.                  
    Bexley Village, is physically and  
 socio-economically a part of Greater  
 London. Much of the housing was built 
 since the 1930's based on railway     
 commuting to London. Joydens Wood is  
 a modern estate detached from the main
 built-up area. Roads as well as       
 railway are very important for        
 commuting eg A2. Much of the housing  
 is well spread in tree lined avenues. 
    Evidence of occupation reaches back
 to Roman times with just one main area
 left as waste ie Dartford Heath.      
 Parkland is often based on former     
 estates eg Footscray Meadows. Thanks  
 to the Green Belt, market gardening & 
 orchards are still important. Horse   
 riding stables have also developed.   

Map of the area

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