1986 A Mosque

A mosque is where Muslim people learn, 
read and pray.Where I go with my little
brothers we have to pay 2 pounds each  
week for learning everyday.We learn the
Koran and how to pray.We have to go    
everyday,if we don't we are punished.We
must take an excuse note to say why we 
didn't come.I go in a van to the mosque
Then I go to a big room to learn how to
pray.We stay for one hour.Each week    
there is a test if you pass you go to  
another group for lessons.After the    
test you go to your own class where the
register is taken.Then you must read to
your teacher for one hour,if you make  
one mistake you are punished.The       
punishment is a beating with a bamboo  
stick.When we are finished we are taken
home by van.                           
Shelina Akther(11)                     

Map of the area

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