1986 My School

I go to Ben Jonson School in Harford St
which is off of the Mile End Road.It is
a fairly big primary school with nearly
500 pupils.There are alot of different 
races in our school,there are Bengalies
Greeks.We all get on fairly well with  
each other like children normally do.I 
like having lots of different kinds of 
children in my school.There are 31 in  
my class but most classes have 30.There
are 2 classes in each year and 4 year  
groups.It is a modern school,built in  
1952 or 3,and it has alot of Artwork on
the walls.We do all kinds of activities
and go on lots of trips,journeys and   
outings.I like my school because I like
working on the computer.               
David Fellows(9)                       

Map of the area

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