1986 Transport In Tower Hamlets

In Tower Hamlets we have several types 
of transport;buses,tubes,taxis,trains, 
coaches,the tube,mini-cabs,cars,trucks,
vans,lorries,motorbikes and bicycles.We
 an also include boats,barges and      
other small craft that travel on the   
canals which pass through our          
area.British Rail have 3 lines which   
pass through our area but we only have 
2 stations 1 being Stepney East.On the 
Underground we have 3 services;the     
Metropolitan,the Central and the       
District Lines.London Regional         
Transport provide quite alot of bus    
services which pass through our        
and the Docklands Clipper.There are    
also night services.All in all there   
is quite an extensive coverage but a   
close look at the transport maps will  
show areas which could be served       

Map of the area

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