1986 Life In Tower Hamlets(1)

It is a very exciting place to live in.
Most people in my class live in flats-I
live in a house with a garden.I'm lucky
My mum has just planted some trees and 
we have alot of roses.There is a large 
open space just outside my house where 
I often play.There are 3 main busy     
roads which border my area,Mile End    
Road,Commercial Road and Burdett Road.I
live kind of in between them in Aston  
St.We have 3 underground tube services 
the District Line,Metropolitan and the 
one I use the most the Central Line.   
Near me I have an Adventure Playground 
which I visit quite regularly.I used to
go to Cubs at St.Faith's in Shandy St. 
but now I go to scouts at the same     
place.I think Tower Hamlets is exciting
because there is so much for people to 
Mark Leary(11)                         

Map of the area

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