1986 Employment

  Hassan Khan:- For many years Tower   
Hamlets provided jobs in the Docklands 
and in the Timber Industry.In addition,
the expanding clothing trade in        
Whitechapel and Stepney Green have been
important employers.                   
  However, the supply of manual jobs   
has decreased, mainly because of the   
dock closures. The 1981 Census of      
Employment indicated that within the   
borough there were 4,442 firms         
employing 83,482 people.               
  The GLC and the borough council is   
introducing training programs to teach 
job-skills and create jobs. Many action
groups have been also been formed.     
Unemployment, however, continues to    
  Some industrial buildings have       
outgrown their usefulness. Sites such  
as Bishopsgate Goods Yard are under-   
used and require grants for renovation.

Map of the area

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