1986 Computers

  Ryan Charles, Aged 13: Five years    
ago, the home computer market boomed   
with the revolutionary Sinclair ZX80.  
In the East End the fad, I think, is   
waning. Though many parents have bought
their children computers in the hope   
they might become 'whizzkids', most    
East End kids sit goggle-eyed in front 
of a television zapping aliens.        
  Computers are everywhere and will no 
doubt play an important part in        
tomorrow's society. But most people    
will use them without understanding how
they work.                             
  Ryan's School is St. Bernards in Wood
Close, Bethnal Green, E2. There, as in 
most London schools under ILECC, they  
use the Research Machines Link 380Z and
480Z, though they may soon upgrade to  
the new RML Nimbus, a more flexible and
powerful machine.                      

Map of the area

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