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1986 Religion

  Seema, aged 11:- I am a Hindu. I     
come from India. We are not allowed to 
eat beef or pork. We eat fruit and     
vegetables. We pray about 3 or 4 times 
a day. There is a temple in East Ham.  
My family sometimes goes there but we  
mostly pray at home. We also have a    
holy book called the Grunth Saheeb. I  
like my religion.                      
  Abdul, aged 10:- I am a Muslim. In   
mosque we do Namaz. Namaz is praying to
Allah. We say the word silently. Before
we do Namaz we do Wadu - first we wash 
our hands, then we do the following    
things 3 times - swill our mouth, wash 
our nose, our face, our arms, our      
hands and our feet.                    

Map of the area

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