1986 Home Life

   My name is Rezza Ali. I am 10 years 
old. I live with my daddy and mummy, my
2 big brothers and a little brother.   
  I go to Mosque at 5 o'clock and come 
home at 7 o'clock. Wednesday and       
Sundays we have Bangla lessons; my     
teacher is very pleased with me because
I'm the top of my class. We get writing
and reading books all free.            
   My parents do the cooking but my dad
does the shopping. When I have nothing 
to do I play, and also read my         
Whitechapel Library books. I decorate  
my house with the pictures I draw at   
school. At the weekend I do crosswords.
   There's a big church in front of my 
building. It is called St. George's.   
   Our house has bedrooms, a toilet and
bathroom upstairs, and a sitting room  
and kitchen downstairs. I keep jumping 
and down the stairs.                   

Map of the area

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