1986 Education

  Saleh Ahmed:- With the continuing    
movement of families away from Tower   
Hamlets, school rolls have fallen, and 
in recent years there have been a      
number of secondary school             
amalgamations. There are now only 14   
secondary schools in Division 5.       
  The area covered by this division    
includes parts of the City and most of 
Tower Hamlets. The divisional office is
in Harford Street, E1.                 
  Most sixth-formers go to the Sixth-  
Form Centre, though its future is      
uncertain. School and college budgets  
are under threat and economies being   
made at a time when money is needed to 
revitalise the local schools.          
  The numbers of children at primary   
schools is increasing and there are    
plans for 3 new schools.               
  In Further Education, the most well  
known college is Queen Mary's, MileEnd.

Map of the area

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