1986 Palmers Green-Employment

 Most of the work in the area consists 
 of shop work, clerical work and       
 driving jobs.                         
 Many people travel into London for    
 work eg.in factories and offices.     
 In March 1985 unemployment in the area
 rose by 1.9% The Job Centre in Green  
 Lanes helps create employment by      
 offering different schemes.           
 The Youth Training Scheme provides    
 training and work experience for      
 school leavers with few or no         
 qualifications. The Community         
 Programme Scheme provides employment  
 for people who have been unemployed   
 for over 1year.They work for the good 
 of the community.  The Enterprise     
 Allowance Scheme is for people setting
 up their own business. They receive a 
 certain amount of money each week.    

Map of the area

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