1986 Grovelands cont.

 grounds.Unfortunately it has been     
 neglected during the last seven years.
 It is not open to the public but you  
 can view the outside and people often 
 tresspass.The council is thinking     
 about turning it into a hospital.     
 The dark and mystical boat house in   
 the park is full of old crafts.There  
 was boating on the lake once but for  
 some reason it was stopped.All that is
 left are the fishermen who use the    
 lake which is well stocked with fish. 
 The deepest part is 20 feet and the   
 shallowest 4 feet.The lake is used for
 windsurfing twice a week and is       
 sometimes used for canoeing.The       
 surrounding area is a mixture of      
 woodland and grassland,making the park
 one of the largest in Enfield,with    
 over 100 acres.There are 11 entrance  
 gates and 3 keepers who look after the
 park.The park has many visitors.      

Map of the area

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