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1986 Grovelands Park

 Grovelands is a large park with a lake
 at one end.In the middle of the lake  
 there is an island.Many ducks,swans   
 and animals live in the park.There is 
 a lot of woodland and large trees,two 
 of which are thought to heve been     
 struck by lightening.An attraction of 
 the park is an avery,containing a     
 variety of birds.                     
 There is a house in the park which has
 a fascinating history.The house is    
 about 90 years old,a very beautiful   
 local landmark.The stone building has 
 many interesting carvings and statues 
 of animals and patterns.At one time it
 was a private residence with beautiful
 landscaped gardens which now make up  
 the park.In the second world war it   
 became a hospital for wounded         
 souldiers and then it became an army  
 base.Since then it has had many owners
 who often held parties or fairs in the

Map of the area

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