1986 Arnos Park

 In Arnos Park there are lots of things
 to see and do. There is a play area   
 with slides, some swings, a rocking   
 horse, rocking boat and roundabouts as
 well as a climbing frame and a place  
 for riding bikes. A small brook runs  
 through the park and there are wooden 
 bridges crossing it in three places. A
 small waterfall at one end of the     
 brook is nice to look at and fun to   
 throw sticks into. Big areas of grass 
 are cut short for games pitches for   
 football, rounders and cricket and    
 there are tennis courts. Lots of big  
 trees such as oak, ash, plane, willow,
 sycamore, hornbeam, horsechestnut and 
 many more grow in the park and        
 squirrels and birds live in their     
 branches. The keeper lives in a brick 
 house at one end of the park. There is
 a toilet block with changing rooms and
 a shelter with seats.We like our park.

Map of the area

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