One recent development is the building
 of a large shopping centre, SHOPPING  
 CITY, in Wood Green, though some small
 shopkeepers say that they had not lost
 much trade to the development.        
 There are several commmunal           
 entertainments , such as church youth 
 clubs, but most people said they      
 usually stayed at home watching T.V.  
 or videos.                            
 The Police said that the most common  
 crimes in the area are Burglary and   
 Car Theft, with juvenile criminals    
 being mainly involved in Shoplifting, 
 most of it occuring in the Shopping   
 City during the school holidays.      
 A disproportionately large percentage 
 of the shops in the High Road are     
 owned and/or run by Asians who are    
 mainly recent arrivals in the area.   

Map of the area

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