The Shopping City  was built to       
 encourage growth in the area and to   
 make shopping fun. It cost £50 million
 to develop. It was opened by Queen    
 ELIZABETH II on 13th MMay 1981....it  
 had taken 20 years. The site area is  
 9.5 acres which includes major stores,
 small shops, specialised shops and a  
 Market Hall with 80 stalls. The market
 has two floors. The upper floor is    
 mainly food; the lower floor sells    
 textiles and household wares. The City
 square was built for displays and     
 exhibitions to promote and encourage  
 people to use the complex. There are  
 1500 Car Parking spaces available and 
 some  Offices .                       
 The Shopping City Employs many people 
 including a Management Team, Security 
 men, Engineers and Cleaners. The City 
 shopping area is locked up at night.  
 Late night shopping is Thursday.      

Map of the area

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