Buses are the major form of         
transport in this area for people who  
cannot afford to own cars or wish to   
make cheap trips.                      
  Holloway Bus Garage-The garage has   
about 100 by 150 metres of covered     
garage.In this area,154 buses are kept 
but only 127 are being used.There is   
one spare bus for every ten.Contained  
in this garage is a full servicing area
and bus wash.96 staff are employed,    
maintaining the buses.Out of these,only
1 is a woman.All the buses are red     
except those that go to the seaside    
which are green.                       
  The uniforms used to be blue and only
a cap and jacket  were supplied.Now the
uniforms are grey and consist of       
trousers\skirt,jacket+cap.To be a bus  
driver you must be 20,and for a bus    
conductor you must be 18.Ladies retire 
at 60,men 65.There are 395 bus drivers 

Map of the area

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