There is a high level of unemployment 
particularly in the eastern part of the
area around Finsbury Park.We talked to 
a number of young people at a local job
centre.They spoke of the monotony,     
boredom and frustration of not being   
able to get a job.Many had very little 
money to live on and found that this   
made life more depressing as most forms
of entertainment were expensive.       
 The UJIMA CENTRE in the Finsbury Park 
area was set up to help  unemployed    
Afican-Caribbean people of between 16  
and 25 years of age ,a group suffering 
badly from lack of employment          
opportunities.Its aim is to provide    
a range of recreational and            
constructive activities,training and   
educational facilities.It is designed  
to help unemployed youths to gain the  
sorts of experience that will help them
get a job and help them along in life. 

Map of the area

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