1986 HEALTH cont.

 HOSPITAL ROUTINE - a day in a ward.   
 There are two shifts - one early and  
one late.The nurses on the early shift 
at 7.20 am. and receive a report on the
patients.They then prepare the patients
for breakfast (8.00).After breakfast   
andall through the morning various     
needsre dealt with e.g. hygene,changing
of dressings,preparation for           
operations.At 1.30 pm. the late shift  
arrive and the reports are handed over.
The same routines as in the morning are
carried out.The early shift leave at   
3.00 pm. The late shift remain until   
9.00 pm.helping patients and seeing to 
visitors.At 9.00 the night shift take  
 Two nurses we interviewed said they   
enjoyed their work and found it        
rewarding.But they disliked the hours  
of work,the petty rules and low pay.   

Map of the area

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