1986 Netherne Hospital, Surrey.

 Netherne Hospital is run by the NHS   
for the psychiatrically ill. It has    
about 550 long-stay and 200 short-stay 
patients all of whom are male. There   
are indeed more staff than patients:   
1000 in total; but some of these are   
peripatetic. The staff comprises 20    
male and 20 female doctors, 1 matron,  
63 sisters, 100 female nurses and 320  
male nurses. The rest of the staff are 
cooks and kitchen staff, orderlies,    
groundsmen, gardeners and in charge of 
social or recreational facilities such 
as bowls. There are a large number of  
recreational facilities for patients   
which may also be used by staff. The   
staff have their own social club in the
grounds where there is also a nurses'  
home which accommodates 100+ nursing   

Map of the area

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