Within this area there are 3 cemetries
 come crematoriums, run by Boroughs    
 other than Barnet.The joint St.Pancras
 & Islington one is by far the largest 
 and has a number of interesting       
 graves, (a survivor from the charge of
 the light brigade, the original pearly
 king, numerous circus                 
 stars).Unfortunately, due to continual
 vandalism many of the graves locations
 are kept secret.                      
 FINCHLEY COMMON                       
 Much of this once notorious area has  
 now been reclaimed and is used for    
 residential purposes. The area was    
 once the most dangerous stretch of    
 coaching way around London, and boasts
 the existence of Turpin's Oak, a tree 
 where the famous highwayman is        
 believed to have hidden his loot.     

Map of the area

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