1986 Stratton Manor Moat.

 The moat is situated just to the east 
 of the entrance to Stratton Park      
 Drive. It marks the site of the       
 original manor house of Stratton.     
   In early times Stratton was far more
 important than Biggleswade. There is  
 evidence of an early Romano-British   
 road between Baldock and Sandy which  
 passed next to the site of the moat.  
 It was not until the late             
 thirteenth-early fourteenth century   
 that Stratton House was built. The    
 last manor house on this site was     
 pulled down in 1959.                  
   At the present time the moat is     
 about three quarters complete. It is  
 crossed by a built up causeway. On    
 either side of this the moat is filled
 in with silt and rubbish. There are no
 visible signs of buildings within the 
 moat but a dig in the 1950's showed   
 evidence offoundations and walls.     

Map of the area

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