1986 Attitudes in N/Hamm/Coll P

The attitude of most of the people in  
the area is one of despondancy. They   
are depressed due to unemployment,noise
and the general run down appearance of 
the area.The noise in the area has     
increased over the years as the area   
has become more overcrowded and the    
volume of traffic has increased. In    
many parts of the area there is a      
constant noise twenty-four hours a day.
Many of the houses are in need of      
repair and renovation. Most of the     
houses are owned by the local council  
who do not have the money to renovate  
the houses. Some people own their house
and so they have repaired their houses.
Many of the people would like to live  
in another part of the country,but     
unemployment prevents them from moving.
Some of the houses are overcrowed, and 
there is a long wait for alternative   

Map of the area

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