1986 Land Use in N.Ham./College P

North Hammersmith and College Park is  
to the West side of London and         
consists mainly of houses and flats.   
People live in this area because it is 
within easy access to the centre of    
London. The industry and housing grew  
alongside each other. The railway is   
also a main feature of the area, as it 
links with London and other parts of   
the country. Railway sidings have been 
built to the North of the wasteland    
in the centre of the area. A canal runs
alongside the railway to transport     
cargo from the industry. On the south  
side of the wasteland there is a prison
and a large hospital. In the South East
of the area is the main building for   
part of the nation's television        
transmission.Also in the South-East is 
the ground for Queens Park Rangers     
football club.                         

Map of the area

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