1986 A day in the life N/Ham/Col

7a.m. and I switch on the radio to help
get up.I wash and get dressed while my 
mother makes the breakfast consisting  
of egg,bacon,toast with either tea or  
coffee. I get my books ready for school
and make my way to the bus-stop.Luckily
I have the choice of two buses.I meet  
my friends at the station and we go to 
school.School takes up about seven     
hours of the day. I go home the same   
way and when I enter my house I switch 
on the television which is the main    
home entertainment with the video. I   
change my clothes, have another wash   
and small snack.I do my homework or    
watch television.Sometimes my friends  
will call for me to play football or   
go to the cafe to play video games.I   
come home around 8 or 9o'clock to have 
my supper and watch television. At     
11o'clock I brush my teeth,have a wash 
and go to bed.By a 15 year old boy.    

Map of the area

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