1986 Law and Order in N/Ham.

 There are two police stations in the  
area, one in Shepherds Bush and the    
other in the White City area.The police
in these two stations keep law and     
order for the whole of the area. The   
police have a very varied job. They not
only catch criminals, but help to      
prevent crime, help people to find     
things, go to help people with         
directions, assist at road             
accidents,talk to children in schools  
about crime and dangers.Their  aim is  
to prevent crime. They are also used   
when a large crowd of people gather    
together.There is a Crown Court in     
East Acton where people who are        
charged with an offence go to be tried 
before a magistrate. There is also a   
prison on Wormwood Scrubs, which is a  
high security prison for people who    
have commited a crime.The railway have 
their own police and security.         

Map of the area

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