1986 Adult Recreation in N/Ham/Co

Due to the increase in unemployment in 
the area the need for adult recreation 
has increased.There are various snooker
clubs,a working man's club, two        
community centres and a bingo hall,    
where people can go to relax and play  
games and drink. There are many public 
houses where people go to drink and    
meet their friends.Most of the public  
houses are in the south and east of the
area.They are open from 11a.m to3p.m   
and 5.30pm to 11p.m. People also go to 
drink and chat in wine bars. This is   
becoming increasingly popular.There is 
a cinema in Acton where people can     
watch films, although most people now  
watch television and videos at home.   
Athletic people can go to the stadium  
to train and there is also a           
football ground where Queens Park      
Rangers football team play.There are   
also two   two swimming pools.         

Map of the area

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