1986 A day in the life of my dad

 Every morning my dad gets up about    
 7.30am .Sometimes it is about 6.30am  
 or even five  when he has             
 to load pigs for transporting on a    
 cattle lorry. Mr Swabey the man who   
 drives the cattle lorry has to go to  
 Baldocks Slaughter House in Wivels-   
 field near Haywards Heath .But on a   
 normal day he has his breakfast at    
 7.30am with us then he goes out to    
 Jamesland Farm, one of his two in the 
 area .The farm is very old because it 
 is in an old map revised in 1911.We   
 have nothing but pigs on our farm we  
 have boars with very unusual names.   
 One is called Boris and one is called 
 Frank Sinatra. Then he comes back and 
 then goes to Barnfields Farm. At the  
 moment we are building a brand new    
 barn with large sliding doors then he 
 comes back until the next day.        

Map of the area

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