1986 Religion 1

  There are 7 places of worship of 4   
  The Anglican church of St. Lawrence  
 at Scalby was founded C11th.  It has a
 vicar, a deaconess and a reader.  It  
 holds 4 Sunday services and one each  
 Thursday.  It has 150 communicants.   
  St. Mark's, also Anglican, dates from
 1938.  It holds 4 Sunday services, one
 on Wednesdays and Saints day communion
 for an average weekly congregation of 
 130, including members of the nearby  
 Burniston barracks.  It has its own   
  St. Joseph's, with a congregation of 
 about 100, is Roman Catholic.  Built  
 in 1960, it holds one service on      
 Saturday, one on Sunday and a Saturday
 confession.  It has its own priest.   

Map of the area

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