Raincliffe woods extends over 437.2   
 acres of land.Here are the productive 
 and unproductive areas..              
 Total productive area of trees 384.2  
 Total unproductive area 53.0 acres.   
 Grand total 437.2 acres.              
 Ultimate crop hardwood planted        
 Ultimate crop conifer planted         
 Climate :The annual rainfall is about 
 26 inches and the prevailing wind S.W.
 Although easterly and north easterly  
 winds are not infrequent.Snowfall is  
 considerable in some years.           
 Species:The species depend on the soil
 On a limey soil Beech,Corsican Pine,  
 Ash and Sycamore are suitable.Also Elm
 ,Horse Chestnut,Lime and Larch.       
 At higher altitudes Red Oak,Beech and 
 Pines can be grown.                   

Map of the area

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