1986 Glapthorn School in the Past

The school in its olden times was a    
small with one classroom.  Their       
teacher was called Mrs. Smith.  The    
subjects they did were:  Arithmetic,   
Knitting, History, Geography, Spelling,
Tables and Sewing. In their classroom  
there were two fires one at each end.  
It was good to be at school then.   The
teachers were strict.   If you were    
naughty they would get a ruler and     
crack on your knuckles.   The games    
they played were rounders and skipping,
no football or netball.   They saw the 
vicar once a week for history.   You   
were 11 years old when you left.  They 
did not have any trips and they had the
same amount of holidays as we have now.

Map of the area

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