Berkhamsted lies in an area where the  
soil is mainly clay and chalk with vast
amounts of flint lying on or just below
the surface. This has had an obvious   
influence on the type of farming here. 
The farmers told us that it means that 
their fields drain naturally. The size 
of the farms varies from around 250    
acres to 1500 acres. They all grow     
cereals such as wheat, barley, some    
oats and rape seed and a few grow peas.
Only the largest farms have livestock. 
These farms have cattle as their main  
type of animal, especially Ayrshire and
Friesians and also some beef cattle.   
One of the farms also grazes sheep on  
the slopes of the many dry valleys     
found in this area. Again, nearly all  
the farms have an area of woodland on  
their land and the Beech tree thrives  
on poor soil.                          

Map of the area

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