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1986 ECOLOGY - continued.

Greater Stitchwort, Groundsel, Ground  
Elder, Ground Ivy, Hardhead,Hairy Tare,
Heartease Pansey, Herb Bennet, Herb    
Robert, Hedge Mustard, Hedge Woundwort,
Hogweed, Ivy, Jack by the hedge, Lesser
Celandine, Lesser Stitchwort,          
Mouse-Ear Chirckweed, Mugwort,         
Nipplewort, Ox-eye Daisy, Pepperwort,  
Pignut, Primrose, Ragwort, Rat's Tail  
Plantain, Rosebay, Scentless Mayweed,  
Scarlet Pimpernel, Shepherd's Purse,   
Stinging Nettle, St. John's Wort,      
Spear Thistle, Three Veined Sandwort,  
White Campion, White Dead Nettle, Wild 
Arum, Yarrow, Yellow Archangel.        
Common shrubs and trees are: Bramble,  
Dog Rose, Traveller's Joy, Woody Night-
shade, Acacia,Ash,Beech,Cherry,Dogwood,
Elder, Hawthorn,Holly,Chestnut,Larch,  
Oak, Silver Birch,Spindle and Sycamore.

Map of the area

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