The area of Berkhamsted is rich in     
terms of animal, bird and plant life.  
Urban gardens may be garden centre     
stocked, but the heath/downland areas  
follow a recognised pattern fr chalk-  
land inhabitants. The chalk and clay   
soils permit the following plants to   
grow: Black Bryony, Black Medick,      
Bladder Campion, Bluebell, Birdseye    
Speedwell, Burdock, Bush Vetch, Butter-
cup, Bracken, Charlock, Chickweed,     
Coltsfoot, Common Sorrel, Common Dock, 
Curled Dock, Common Fumitary, Common   
Spotted Orchid, Common Vetch, Cow      
Parsley, Creeping Thistle, Dann, Dog's 
Mercury, Dog Violet, Dovesfoot         
Cranesbill, Enchanter's Nightshade, Fat
Hen, Field Bindweed, Figwort, Fool's   
Parsley,Forgetmenot, Germander Speed-  
well, Goosegrass, Great Hawkbit,Greater
Bindweed, Great Hairy Willow Herb./cont

Map of the area

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