I am Lee Morden, aged 9.               
7.30 I am lying in bed fast asleep.    
8.00 Get up and get dressed in my brown
trousers, brown jumper and check shirt.
8.15 Breakfast, I usually have a cup of
tea, but most people have cereal too.  
8.25 Do my teeth and my hair, get some 
polish and make my shoes shiny.        
8.45 Walk to school, sometimes I meet  
my friends on the way.                 
8.55 At school,maybe playing football. 
9.00 Our teacher blows the whistle.    
Into our classroom, wipe our shoes and 
sit down at our places. Most days we   
have Maths with worksheets in our      
books. We do all sorts of sums. Then   
we have hymn practice or assembly. My  
favourite song is "Bless all the crea- 
tures". We have to sit up straight and 
the teachers tell us when we can go.   
(Continued on p19.)                    

Map of the area

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