Two of the most interesting people who 
have a connection with Berkhamsted are 
Peter the Wild Boy and Robert Snooks.  
Peter was about 12 when he was found   
wandering the German countryside,naked 
and unable to speak. His animal like   
behaviour was brought to the attention 
of George 1, who brought him with him  
back to England and eventually he was  
brought to Berkhamsted to live. His    
reputation, due to his unusual habits  
and appearance spread far. He died at  
the age of 72 and was buried at        
Snooks was employed at the King's Arms,
Berkhamsted, when, on a certain night, 
he held up the postboy carrying the    
mailbags from Tring and Berkhamsted to 
Hemel Hempstead. After making a fatal  
mistake with a fifty pound note, he was
arrested and hung on March 11, 1802.   

Map of the area

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