1986 R.S.P.C.A. (continued)

    The maids then clean out the pens  
 and this can take till 12 noon.After  
 lunch the dogs are walked in rotation 
 until teatime.The dogs are then fed   
 again and at 5.30 the dogs are shut in
 and the staff leave at 6p.m.,all      
 except the manager who lives on the   
    The centre takes in about 4,000    
 animals and birds a year.The society  
 is run by voluntary contributions and 
 the purpose is to save  and re-settle 
 lost and cruelly treated animals.There
 is care taken to make sure that the   
 animals are settled with carefully    
 vetted homes so that the same problem 
 does notarise again.                  
    Some animals are brought in as     
 strays by the police, some by members 
 of the public.                        

Map of the area

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