Barnsbury conservation area is at the
 back of Barnsbury schools. This land  
 includes grassland, bogland and       
 woodland. It is full of wildlife.     
  At the side of the grassland, there  
 is a woodland which consists mainly of
 oak and silver birch trees.           
  Behind the wild area is a stream     
 which has a habit of overflowing and  
 flooding the land. Around there many  
  animals and insects can be found.    
   In the wild area the grass grows    
 high and wild and wild plants and     
 flowers grow too. There are many paths
 in the area, and stinging nettles and 
 ferns grow by the side. There are also
 many plants that you wouldn't see at  
 all in other places.                  
  Mosquitoes and dragonflies also      
 inhabit the area, along with rabbits  
 and other small mammals.              

Map of the area

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