I surveyed 107 shops giving 39 types  
 of goods and 17 services. Most shops  
 sell foodstuffs. 7 sell groceries, 4  
 sell fresh vegetables, 3 fresh meat, 3
 alcoholic drinks and 3 bread.         
 There are 13 shops or pubs where      
 cooked food and drink are served.     
 There are 16 shops selling            
 confectionary, tobacco and newspapers.
 There are 8 shops selling clothing, 2 
 dry-cleaners and a launderette. There 
 are 3 D.I.Y. shops, 4 electical shops,
 5 selling household goods and 2 tool  
 shops. There is 1 each of the         
 following: garage, tyre-centre, car   
 spares and cycle shop. There are 7    
 hairdressers, 3 chemists and an       
 opticians. There are also 3           
 solicitors/insurance brokers, 2 toy   
 shops,a jewellers, pet shop, travel   
 agents, a betting shop and 3 post     
 offices. (DOUGLAS SCOTT.aged 10)      

Map of the area

What is Domesday?

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