Peggy Farrow,born in Elloughton in the
 17th century was,like many            
 locals,infected by warts.After many   
 attempted cures she succeeded in      
 rubbing them away with a gold ring.Her
 fame spread.Soon she was curing       
 different ailments using herbs        
 collected from the dale.Unfortunately 
 her warts reappeared.They were so     
 unpleasant that she stayed indoors    
 during the day.Although she continued 
 curing people many believed she was a 
 witch.The name calling drove her from 
 the village into Green Lane,now known 
 as Peggy Farrow Lane.One night she was
 seen stirring a large cooking         
 pot.Shortly after, a diphtheria       
 epidemic started for which she was    
 blamed.The viilagers dragged her away 
 and hanged her.Her ghost is said to   
 frequent her home area.               

Map of the area

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